New OT Business Promotional Offer

oo oo aa aa oo sign me up for this great dealOffshore Terminology have an amazing online offer to promote you business, product, event, product launch, exhibition booth, job vacancy, business expansion, new location or something else you want to shout about.

We can provide you with a Post on our main website, a box ad for 1 month and tweet out your message to our Oil and Gas industry followers.

Your post will contain a striking header photograph of your choice. The post can contain text and photos, your logo and any other details for maximum exposure for your post. Your post link will also be sent to our twitter followers and our linkedIn community for maximum exposure for your message.

OT will also work with you to develop a box add to be displayed on our main page for 1 month to help get your message out to our followers and the online community worldwide. This add can be linked to any URL you want to drive traffic to your own website, twitter, Facebook, Instagram or other social media accounts.

We can also assist you in developing a 140 character tweet with or without photo to be displayed on our twitter page @offshorewords separate from your Post link tweet.

As an additional bonus we will include any URL of your choice in our Customer link list displayed on our main page for 1 year. If you have a product video link we will add this to our YouTube channel and any photos to our Pinterest community

So what do you get in this AMAZING Online Promotional offer :

Special offer stampAll this for $299 – where can you get all this online for such a low price ? and specifically targeted to the Oil and Gas Community ?

[ To qualify for this promotional offer your company must be involved in the Oil & Gas Industry ]
If you are interested in this amazing offer – do not wait – contact us now

Tell us what you think ?

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